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Archives for November 21, 2019

Stand-Alone Infusion Therapy Center vs. Hospital Infusion Treatments

At one time, patients who required injections or infusion therapy had only one option for treatment – traveling to a major hospital. Today, patients can choose to receive treatment as a hospital, or they can choose to receive treatment at a stand-alone infusion therapy center. But what is a stand-alone center, and is it better than a hospital?  

What Is A Standalone Infusion Center?

Independent, standalone infusion centers are not affiliated with a hospital. They are local, private clinics that deliver infusion therapies for referring physicians. Because they focus on just one thing, standalone infusion centers are often much more comfortable and personal than hospitals, and they can be much more cost-effective.  

The Benefits of An Independent Infusion Center

Traveling to a hospital for infusion therapy can be stressful. The commute may be long, you have to fight for parking spots, make your way to the treatment area, sit in a cold lobby and wait to be checked in – all the while no one knows your name – you’re one of thousands in and out of the hospital in any given week. 

At an independent infusion center, parking is simple, checkin is swift, and the setting is comfortable. The staff gets to know you as a person and you get to know them, as well. Infusion rooms can be private, treatment is provided in a comfortable recliner, and if you have questions, concerns or issues during your treatment, nurses are right there to assist you. At a stand-alone infusion center, treatment is personal.  

It can also be much more cost-effective to choose an independent infusion center for treatment. First and foremost, local, standalone infusion centers are typically closer than major hospitals, saving time and gas. Second, the markup on treatment is typically much less than at a hospital. For example, an infusion of Remicade can cost $10,000 in a hospital, but at an independent, standalone infusion therapy center, the average charge is $4500.  

Do You Need Infusion Therapy in Evansville, Indiana?

If you are a patient in need of infusion therapy or a physician who treats patients who require infusion therapies, Evansville Clinic is ready to serve you. Since 2006, Evansville Clinic has been helping local patients receive infusion therapies in a comfortable, friendly environment. As an independent outpatient infusion center, we provide an alternative to treatment in a hospital environment, offering private infusion rooms, individual tablets and snacks to pass the time, and a comfortable, home-like setting. We also handle the scheduling and insurance paperwork so physicians and patients can just focus on treatment.   

For more information or to make a referral, please contact Evansville Clinic today.